Is Automation Dominating Field Service Management?

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on May 2, 2018 9:23:56 AM

The field service industry is expected to see continued growth straight through to 2025, and plenty of that is being led by field service software and the ability to automate many of the processes of field service work.

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The Importance of Quoting for HVACR Enterprises

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jan 29, 2018 12:51:36 PM

In the HVACR industry, not all work is covered under a preventative maintenance contract or service level agreement. It can be an emergency repair called in by the customer to the office, or something a HVAC technician notices on a regular inspection that needs to be looked after. But before any repair can happen and parts ordered, the customer is going to want to know the cost that is associated, and for that, a quote is going to be needed.

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Automating the Work Order Process with Field Service Software Management

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Oct 26, 2017 10:13:24 AM

When customers experience a situation in which they need a technician on site, the timeless way of getting a hold of a field service organization is to just pick up the phone and call them. For some, that is a simple way of doing business, however, depending on the business and nature of the repair needed, it could mean long hold times waiting for a dispatcher to get on the line, and a lot of information needs to change hands to create the work order. No one wants to spend an extended period on the phone to get a technician on site, so field service management software is designed with many ways to automate the process of creating work orders so that customers can get back to their own business. With quick input from customers, work orders are generated automatically and are ready to be scheduled, without the need to tie up a phone line.

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Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jul 17, 2017 10:23:50 AM

With thousands of recurring work orders generated every month, Aegis Chemical Solutions’ (Aegis) long-term goals of providing quality customer service, while also reducing costs and minimizing any time wasted, ran a risk of not being met.

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