Subcontractor Management and Workforce Platform Integration

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jun 1, 2017 9:55:46 AM

Subcontractor Management

Modern field service organizations across vertical markets like technology services, HVAC, fire and life safety, medical devices and many others, are meeting the more specific service delivery demands of customers. Individually, most of these service organizations are growing and meeting those service requirements by increasingly leveraging subcontractors, third parties and freelancers but not employees of their organizations. They are now able to scale their businesses in ways that they were not able to do by hiring additional technical staff.

Fieldpoint has built in specific functionality for the management of subcontractors. You can dispatch work, get subcontractors and third parties to simply access our mobile apps to receive the work, report their times and manage check listing. This ensures that the subcontractors are functioning as though they were our employees and we are dictating how the service is delivered. There is tailorable checklisting within the mobility app to give the technician or third party the steps they need to take to complete any work order that we dispatch to them.

How Do We Acquire the Appropriate Resource and Location With the Right Skill Set?

There are products and portals out there like labor markets, and we integrate with those labor market portals so that they can search large pools of correct subcontracted resources and then apply that as the assigned resource within Fieldpoint. We then manage the complexity of the service delivery. We also manage what rates we're paying that subcontractor. Any quoting or all the compensation agreement is administered within Fieldpoint, and we then generate payables vouchers into the ERP system to pay those subcontractors. These are unique features that we have in Fieldpoint which are competitive advantages to the other service products out there that don't cover that depth of functionality in what is trending very heavily in the service space.

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