Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jul 4, 2017 9:54:45 AM

When ISA Fire and Security saw, their business expanding, they knew the old manual paper process was going to be a burden to their growing workforce.

New national clients expanded the Louisville, Kentucky-based fire and life safety company, bringing their team to 35 in-house technicians and over 200 subcontractors. With an ERP (Microsoft Dynamics GP) system, already in place, there was a growing need not only to find a field service software to relieve the burden on those contractor’s administrative loads and work order but also to better communicate with them across the country.

“The old paperwork processes we had in place were not as efficient as we would have liked,” said Jeff Chamberlin, Assistant Director, National Accounts for ISA Fire and Security. “(Fieldpoint) met all the needs that we had, pretty much out of the box.”

Tracking all the service calls was becoming an administrative challenge, and getting inspection reports, bills and invoices turned around quickly was a growing problem under the old paper system. That brought them to Fieldpoint, whose field service software had an out of box integration with ISA’s ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics GP), and could deliver the superior customer experience ISA was looking for, lightening the administrative workload that was burdening their growing team of contractors.

With Fieldpoint’s field service software in place, ISA was now able to turn over the work order process to their subcontractors and technicians, who could now handle all aspects of the work order management process in the field. At the same time, the integrated system allowed for faster turnaround in the billing cycle, while also offering their customer billing options that varied.

ISA could do all this without having to bring on additional staff to handle the mounds of paperwork that comes with a fire and safety company, such as inspection forms to be completed for customer fire, sprinkler, and other safety systems, that cannot be misplaced.

“It’s allowed us to bring very minimal staff on to accommodate that additional growth of work,” said Chamberlin. “Where we use to have two or three-week turnaround time for getting an invoice in a client’s hands, now we’re down to a few days, a week or less in some aspects.”

The implementation of Fieldpoint for ISA completely automated their entire service management process, as ISA is now using the application to manage their emergency service calls, corrective action calls, and scheduled inspection work. All work orders from start to finish can now be tracked and escalated if necessary to make sure nothing is missed.

The Fieldpoint contract application allowed ISA to create custom inspection and maintenance schedules that generate work orders automatically on specific dates. The work orders now contain all the information required, including the appropriate forms to be filled out while on site.

It’s only helped ISA on their national platform, leading to a better customer service model. The web portal function has allowed clients, nationwide, the ability to view their documents quickly, allowing the technicians to give their clients a quick evaluation about what they found during a service call.



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