HVAC Enterprises use Subcontractors for Additional Support

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jan 30, 2018 9:53:51 AM

HVAC Enterprises use Subcontractors for Additional Support

HVAC field service organizations are looking to expand beyond their own territory for several reasons in order to increase their business, and they are looking towards subcontractors to help them do that. In a recent survey conducted by the Service Council, 75% of responding field service organizations use third-party networks for field service support. HVAC organizations are finding many reasons to utilize subcontractors and to outsource service work, as opposed to keeping everything in-house, with full-time employees.

And with effective HVAC field service management software, the challenges of managing subcontractors has been streamlined, as mobile field service app technology has simplified how work orders and checklists are sent to subcontractors in the field, the same way they would be sent to regular in-house employees, in order to speed up service times and the amount of service calls they can take.

For an HVAC organization looking to expand, field service mobile apps give many great options to those in the HVAC space who want to add a network of subcontractors to their team.

Peak Time Service Expansion

The HVAC space goes through peaks and valleys in terms of the number of service calls they take during the year. During peak times, their technicians can be stretched thin and their time blocks filled up with service call after service call. With subcontractors being added to their workforce, the service team can grow when it needs to, and keep employee costs low when it doesn’t, especially during the peaks and valley times of the year. By utilizing outsourced service technicians and field service management software, HVAC organizations can ensure that calls are answered on a timely manner during peak service times, while not running their payroll for full-time technician’s high when there isn’t much work to be done.

Specialized calls can also be taken on, even if the in-house technicians are skilled in that type of service, as HVAC enterprises can select a subcontractor with the specialized ability, expanding the types of service they can offer.

Expand the Business to New Areas

Expansion may be the next step for an HVAC enterprise to generate more revenue, and looking beyond their own geographic lines are opportunities to grow without needing to take on the costs of administration, warehouses, and administrative offices.

Subcontractors can be found in all areas, and by utilizing third-party portals, HVAC field service management software integrations and outsourced technicians, any HVAC field service enterprise can grow into additional territory without the overhead of setting up a new location, warehouse or office.

It’s a cost-effective way of expanding a business. HVAC organizations that utilize subcontractors have seen the benefits through higher first-time fix rates, better utilization of their in-house technicians for other service, such as large installation projects, and the ability to take on more service level agreements, all while offering the expertise of your own in-house technicians, without the additional costs of keeping them on staff when they are not needed.