How Can Field Service Software Give You an Advantage Over Your Competition?

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Feb 9, 2018 10:37:35 AM

Would you like to have an advantage over half your competition? Most field service management organizations would jump at that chance, considering the service industry across HVAC, Facilities Management, Fire and Life Safety and IT Services is expected to expand well beyond 2020. 52% of service companies are still doing things manually, with paper, pens, clipboards and filing cabinets, so taking the advantage could be as simple as moving forward with a field service management software.

No more headaches with manual processes that take up additional time for your back-office support staff and field technicians, instead there are new opportunity for those who have implemented a field service software to take advantage of, including automation and mobility.

In a competitive industry such as field service, every little bit helps in separating you from your competition as you try and win more contracts and large-installation projects, satisfy your customers with quality service and shave expenses off your bottom line to grow profit.

Getting On Board Today With Field Service Software

There isn’t an area of your business that can’t be affected by a field service software, from dispatching and scheduling, to payroll and billing, to how you make business decisions with analytical reporting tools that are at your fingertips. The time is now to get on board with field service management software, as advances in technology are making the everyday operations of a field service organization much simpler with advances in mobile technology and automation.

Think About What Field Service Software Brings to Your Customers

Your technicians, dispatchers and service managers will see the benefits of working with a field service management software, but they are not the only ones – your customers will, too. They won’t see the physical product, except when your technicians use the mobile app to complete their work order and ask for a signature, but they will see the benefits of advanced scheduling that allows dispatchers to narrow down technician schedules to reduce waiting time. With mobility and integrations with accounting software, billing cycles can be reduced from weeks to minutes, as no longer are accountants waiting for work orders to come in from the field the manual way with technicians dropping them off at the office, as they can be sent quickly through a mobile field service app. Customers will appreciate faster invoicing that is accurate.

Field Service Management Software Will Change How You Do Business


There are plenty of headaches for field service enterprises doing things the manual way. A cluttered desk full of work order, whiteboards for scheduling, and piles of invoices waiting to be sent out is no way to run an efficient field service organization. But with field service software, everything you need to complete a work order or to find historical data is all within a few clicks. Access historical records, check on a technician’s progress in the field and look into inventory levels all from within one portal with just a few clicks of the mouse. It gives your service department total control over every part of the service side of the business and will make them more organized and efficient in the process.

When you consider nearly half of service organizations are still doing things the old fashion way, field service management software is a lucrative opportunity for an organization in any space, and a quick way to get a leg up on the competition.

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