Field Service Software for Fire & Life Safety

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Aug 14, 2017 9:34:10 AM



When installing, maintaining and inspecting fire and life safety equipment, Fieldpoint’s field service software offers an end-to-end solution. From a common fire alarm installation to a preventative maintenance contract on a sprinkler system, Fieldpoint effectively tracks work orders and offers visual analytics that will help drive customer satisfaction forward, while also streamlining your field service process.

From a quote for an installation, you can merge information, such as parts and labor time, straight into your project and display budgeted hours and tasks that need to be completed for the project. With resource management tools, you can track your installation progress and, with Fieldpoint’s Business Intelligence tool, track the success of each job by reviewing real time analytics, including hours to complete, revenue and costs.

Emergency, corrective and service work are critical in the fire and life safety space, as equipment needs to be continuously maintained to ensure these life-saving devices are always at peak performance levels. These types of service work can be effectively tracked in Fieldpoint’s work order module, while also providing a detailed history of the equipment, previous maintenance and any code violations that occurred on previous inspections.

As data in the field is collected, all that information is stored in real-time for up to date profit projects. And with integrations to financial software, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, Intacct and Quickbooks available, invoices can be pushed through quickly through the work order, with financial information showing up in general ledger details.


Fieldpoint’s contract administration system handles any annual, semiannual and monthly alarm, sprinkler and security system service contracts, allowing schedules and customer pricing to be defined while having the appropriate checklists applied to the work order. With this robust field service software, it keeps any projects or inspections on time and on the budget and ensures your cash flow remains solid.

Mobility adds another layer for fire and life safety technicians, as the field service app can show all assigned jobs, whether an active connection is available, which for an installation in a new building with no internet connection is critical to ensure all checklists, compliances, and the task is available in real-time.

Via the field service app, fire and life safety technicians can track their time, take pictures, scan barcodes and follow any compliance and inspection report checklists to ensure each task is completed before the work order is closed. They can also collect signatures and close out the work order, starting the invoice process immediately

Fieldpoint’s solution for the fire and life safety space is to give the industry all the tools they need to complete any type of installation, inspection or maintenance. From a quote for a new installation, straight through to scheduling for the project and setting up recurring maintenance, Fieldpoint has streamlined the process to ensure efficiency in the space, while offering a real-time consideration to the work order and financial information.

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