Facility Management Software - Growing Adaptation of Technologies

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jan 29, 2018 12:34:01 PM

No matter how much technology has changed or what kind of facility maintenance software solution you decide to use, one thing when it comes to field service that hasn’t changed with the growing adaptation of technologies – you need to embrace your customers to succeed.

How customers are being embraced in today’s facility maintenance space and how they are being looked after has changed with field service dispatch software options, including the increased use of mobility in the field, and the greater use of subcontractors. It has also been changed by increased customer demands and expectations, which is putting greater pressure on facility maintenance crews to provide top-level service every single time.

While a facility maintenance software can’t help with the one-on-one conversations between your work crews and the customer, it can help with making your enterprise more responsive to the customers’ needs and demands. And by now, if you’re not willing to adopt a facility maintenance software solution, you could be playing catchup to the rest of the space who has moved on without you.


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Here are some tips that will help you embrace your customers’ changing expectations:

Personalize the Experience

Your customers are all different and have diverse needs, wants and desires when it comes to their facility maintenance. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to field service, and you shouldn’t try and make everyone fit into a mold you have created. Offering personalized service isn’t just remembering a special day your customer celebrates, but rather offering service that is personalized to their unique facility. That’s where designed checklists that are unique to each customer, which can be automatically attached to their work orders when scheduled, can make the world of difference.

A personalized experience is one where the unique details of their business are taken into consideration. It could be about checking a certain piece of equipment that no one else uses, or cleaning a room that often gets missed. It’s all in the details, and with a facility maintenance software, all those details can be logged into a checklist, meaning no matter the crew member doing the work, you can rest assured it will be looked after.

Quick Resolutions

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting, whether that would be for your service crew to show up to the job, or on the phone waiting to speak to a representative to schedule service. With facility maintenance, issues can arise at a moment’s notice, and to embrace your customers’ busy schedule, you can offer multiple ways for them to schedule service, without having to wait on hold. QR codes can be uniquely set for specific service calls, such as emergency cleaning in bathrooms or office board rooms, to repairs or issues with an HVAC unit. A quick scan with a barcode reader can start the process of creating a work order in a facility maintenance software, making it fast and easy for your customers to get service to their doorstep.

Embrace the Changes Technology Offers

The best way to embrace your customers is to embrace the changing landscape of facility maintenance. Doing things the old fashioned way will only take you so far in the technology driven world we live in. While you may still be using paper work orders and manually scheduling you cleaning crews with whiteboards, you competitors are embracing field service dispatch software to get their crews quickly and efficiently to job sites, while a complete facility maintenance software is giving them plenty of tools, such as automation, mobile app and business intelligence analytical reporting to better service their customers.

Delivering better customers service isn’t always how you speak to the customer, but how you treat their unique needs. And as the times change, so too does your attitude on how to embrace you customers in this changing world.

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