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How Integrated Scheduling and Mobility Can Maximize Technician Utilization and Reduce Time from Service Delivery to Invoicing

Posted by Richard Smart on Jan 31, 2017 1:42:23 PM


 by Rich Smart, President, Fieldpoint Service Applications 

The service delivery model in most HVAC enterprises consists of a dispatch team and a services delivery team of technicians. Very often the choice of technician to schedule each work order is at the discretion of the dispatcher, who has limited tools to select the appropriate resource. Using a graphical scheduling tool, that can empower the dispatch team with the knowledge of skill sets, certifications, possible route optimizations based on call priorities, is an excellent way to gain operational efficiencies and increased utilization from the technician pool available.

There are many tools in the marketplace that can assist in this process. The additional opportunities regarding operational efficiency are the seamless and real-time interaction with the mobility tool used by the technicians in the field. Immediately after the scheduling team has assigned the work orders, they appear on the mobile app of the field resources. 

The field is now poised to deliver their services in an entirely optimized approach. The real-time collection of arrival times and completion, as well as parts and expenses incurred, eliminates the need for multiple contacts in the office to update call status saving both time and money. Further providing almost immediate access to the billing/accounting team to close out completed calls and get the invoices to the clients accurately and as close to the time of service delivery as possible. This in general terms reduces payment cycles and increases overall cash flow to the business.

The connectivity and harmony of transition of the dispatch team and their tools, the field resources and their tools allows the enterprise to perform more work with the same pool of resources in the most time efficient and profitable manner possible.  Thereby saving the HVAC provider operational cost, increasing customer satisfaction, and reduced downtime as well as increasing cash flow. A huge win for the partnership between enterprise and customer, as well as internal administration and operations within the organization itself.


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Fieldpoint's New Service Management Product Features

Posted by Fieldpoint Service Applications on Jan 12, 2017 10:41:36 AM




Fieldpoint software has an exceptional new look that is responsive on any device, completely user friendly and comes with a myriad of service and project related features.

New User Interface – New elegant tile design, touch sensitive, user personalization with favorites and bookmarks, and a great search feature.

Responsive Web Design – The software automatically organizes itself to fit the screen on all of your devices – from smartphones to laptops.

Panels and Pinning – Now you can see everything going on with a customer without going to multiple pages within the application

IntegrationsThere are out of the box integrations with Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite, and Intacct as well as an open API so we can build integrations to other ERP and CRM systems. You have a complete view into your financials and data recorded within the software is available immediately.

Downloadable Mobile App - for iOS and Android. Power your field resources with these mobile tools that gets the job done faster. It will have seamless offline capabilities, so that resources in the field can access work orders and project tasks to record service details remotely. You can capture pictures and signatures for customer documentation.

Business Intelligence - designed to help leverage data by generating analytical reports, using any combination of Key Performance Indicators that are unique to your business. Information generated can be used for strategic business planning around trends, budgets, resources, targets and areas to focus on driving performance in the future. Flexibility and drill downs allow the user to go deeper into more specific layers of the data being analyzed and see what makes up the figures they are analyzing.

Other Powerful New Features – Resource Planner with flexible Gantt charts, new customization tools, a suite of SSRS Reports, and much more.

 Please watch this short video highlighting some features of the Fieldpoint Solution




Do you see potential synergy here ?. Is your service management optimized at its maximum potential?

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